Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts


Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Are you a first-time owner of hardwood floors?  Are you unsure how to properly clean the floors that you already have?  This article will help you understand some of the key do’s and don’ts of cleaning hardwood floors.


Do vacuum weekly with the beater brush turned off.  This will pick up any debris on the surface and in any crevices of your wood floors.  Over time, debris buildup can interfere with the natural expansion and contraction of wood floors in different seasons, and small rocks, grit, and sand can scuff the finish.

Do clean up any spills immediately with a dry cloth.  If a dry cloth doesn’t get everything up, a damp cloth can be used for stickier messes.  However, the area should be dried immediately. 

Do use a Mullican-approved hardwood flooring cleaner on a monthly basis, such as Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner or Basic Coatings.  Be careful not to apply the cleaner too liberally, and be sure to follow all product directions.


Don’t leave gravel and dirt on your floor that can cause scratches and dents.

Don’t pour water on the floor or use a wet mop, as these will damage the floor and finish over time.  When wood absorbs too much water, it can expand and warp in undesirable ways.  Steam mops especially can cause damage to your floors, lifting the finish and causing the wood to absorb more moisture than normal from the added heat.

Don’t use unapproved household cleaners, oil soaps, and waxes, which can damage or dull the finish on your floors.

Be wary of new cleaning trends that may cause damage to your floor!  If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a cleaning technique, see our full Cleaning and Maintenance guidelines or feel free to contact us.

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