Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

To maintain the appearance and functionality of your hardwood floor, proper care is essential. Thanks to today’s modern finishes, caring for hardwood flooring is easier than ever. Keeping the following guidelines and recommendations in mind will help ensure that your floor ages beautifully.

Vacuum your floors instead of sweeping

Vacuum your floors as part of a regular weekly routine, as well as after any event that has left dirt behind. Gravel and dirt of any kind have the potential to damage the floor if not removed properly and promptly. Vacuuming, with a floor attachment rather than a beater bar, is preferred to sweeping because it not only addresses the surface of the floor but pulls particulates from between the planks.

To minimize the amount of dirt and grime on your floors, place mats outside and inside of all exterior doors, and provide a shoe removal area.

Use a damp cloth for sticky messes

The occasional spill should be cleaned up immediately with a dry cloth. A damp cloth may be used for a stickier mess, but the area should be dried afterwards. Never pour water directly on the floor or use it to mop the floors as wet mopping and excessive water will damage the flooring. String and sponge mops should not be used as they hold a lot of water.

Deep-clean every month

For deeper cleaning, use a Mullican Flooring®-approved wood cleaner on a monthly basis. Cleaners such as Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner or Basic Coatings . Avoid using household cleaning products, and never use oil soaps or wax.

Please click here for the Mullican Flooring® Floor Care Sheet.

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