The Pet Owner’s Guide to Hardwood Floors


The Pet Owner’s Guide to Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a natural surface that you and your pets can enjoy for the lifetime of your home.  To get the most out of your hardwood floors, keep these things in mind:


Dogs, cats, and some other household pets can damage hardwood flooring with their claws.  Dogs often use their claws to gain traction when running around the house, so be sure to keep your dog’s nails trimmed.  Shorter nails mean a lesser likelihood of your pet leaving dents in the floor or finish.  For cats, have a dedicated scratching post (or several) to keep your cat from scratching at the floor.

When selecting your flooring, think about hardwood species with a higher Janka rating, as they won’t dent as easily.  Alternatively, choose a flooring with a distressed finish or prominent grain that will hide scratches.  Mullican offers a variety of floor options with durable finishes that are a good fit for you and your pets.

You can also place rugs and protective coverings on your floor in high traffic areas—perhaps there is a spot where your pooch claws at the floor for a minute to gain traction when rounding a corner, or maybe your cat likes to scatter food and water out around the bowls.

If the flooring starts to show natural wear and tear over time, it can be refinished and re-sanded to buff out any scratches, depending on the thickness of the wear layer.


Clean up any unexpected pet messes quickly to protect the finish and color of your hardwood flooring.  Wood is a natural material that can absorb moisture, including pet urine which can seep into the wood and leave an unsightly stain.  If your pet soils a rug, clean the rug and pull both the rug and the backing away from the floor until everything has fully dried.

One of the benefits of hardwood flooring is the ease of cleaning up pet hair, dander, and dirt.  Keep your floors clean by vacuuming regularly to prevent scratches from dirt and small rocks brought in by your pets from the outdoors.

Click here for more cleaning tips.

Pet Accessories

Perhaps you have a bird cage on wheels or a large crate for your pooch to sleep in.  Protect the floor underneath these items of furniture with felt padding, caster cups, or other appropriate materials.    

Hardwood flooring is a healthy, safe material for you and your pets to live on and enjoy each other’s company for the life of your home.  With the right care and maintenance, hardwood is a great choice for you and your pets.

Read the full care and maintenance guidelines here.

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