Which Flooring Style Matches Your Aesthetic?

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Which Flooring Style Matches Your Aesthetic?

Choosing a hardwood floor is an exciting journey that allows you to find the perfect floor for your space.  At Mullican, we provide a wide variety of possibilities that allow you the freedom to choose a flooring as unique as you are, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start!

Your personal style may line up more with some finishes, stains, and wood species than others.  Here are some of the more popular hardwood floor aesthetics to inspire you:

Wirebrushed Floors

Wirebrushed Floors are treated in a way that brings out the depth and natural beauty of the wood grain.  Their deeper textures make them a good fit for rustic or farmhouse styles as well as more modern, relaxed looks.  Exceptionally durable, these floors add an inviting feel to any space.

You can find wirebrushed floors at Mullican in a variety of tones and plank widths.  Shop our wirebrushed floors.

Gray Blends

Gray Blend Floors provide a beautiful, neutral base for home décor.  Gray tones have a calm, tranquil feel, and they can hue cooler or warmer depending on the stain.  Gray tones can provide a neutral background for bright colors to shine in your space, or they can set the backdrop for a serene retreat.

You can find a variety of floors with gray tones at Mullican.  Shop our gray blends.

Natural Finishes

Natural Finishes are a time-tested look that will never go out of style.  They show off the unique and organic beauty of each species and bring the warmth of natural wood into your home.  Natural finishes can complement both modern and traditional designs and are welcoming in both urban and rural settings.

You can find natural finishes in several different wood species, each with its own characteristics.  Shop our natural finishes.

Dark Tones

Dark Tones anchor your space with a bold foundation.  They can provide contrast to minimalist design with lighter furniture or serve as the backdrop to a maximalist aesthetic.  Dark flooring brings depth to your home and stands out against white molding and trim.

You can find dark tones in various plank textures and widths.  Shop our dark tones.

Light Tones

Light Tones reflect natural light and make spaces feel larger and more open.  Light tones have an airy feel and complement pastel or earthy colors as well as natural wood furniture.  They can also provide a pop of contrast in rooms with dark walls or cabinets. 

You can find white tones in several different wood species, each with its own unique undertones.  Shop our light tones.

White Oak

White Oak is a popular wood species with a closed grain and yellow-to-gray leaning undertones.  The wood has a smooth look and features natural variations like mineral streaks and knots.  White oak has a refined feel and looks elegant with a wide variety of treatments and finishes.

Our white oak products come in wirebrushed treatments, gray blends, natural finishes, dark tones, and light tones.  Shop our premium white oak flooring.

Bring beauty into your space.

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