Find The Perfect Stain

For a polished look, complete your hardwood flooring space with matching trim, stair railings, and more.
If you’re finsihing a new project or touching up an existing one, we can help you find a stain to match your Mullican hardwood floors.

Since our stains are commercially mixed, you cannot purchase a stain directly from Mullican Hardwood Flooring. However, PPG Paints® stores are able to mix a consumer-friendly PPG Deft® wood stain to match your Mullican Flooring. Find a PPG Paints® store near you or simply call 1-800-441-9695.

You can also find approximate matches listed below from Minwax® Wood Finish™ pre-mixed stains. These stains are often used on stair railings to match the flooring.

Things to keep in mind
  • For the best results, make sure you are staining a species of wood that is identical to your flooring product.
  • When applying the stain, apply a small amount to a test area before staining the entire area. The color will vary by how much stain is applied to the wood, and not all species absorb stain in the same manner.
Minwax®​ Stains

The following Mullican product colors are a close match to Minwax® Wood Finish stains. Just like any painting or staining project, always test a small, inconspicuous area before applying the color to the entire surface.

For professional help, connect with your local Minwax dealer or a professional contractor in your area.

Mullican Product Colors Minwax® Wood Finish™
Autumn Maple English Chestnut
Butterscotch Colonial Maple
Golden Maple Cherry
Hickory Saddle Special Walnut
Hickory Sundance Colonial Maple
Maple Bourdeaux Red Mahogany
Oak Auburn Red Mahogany
Oak Butternut Driftwood
Oak Carmel Ipswich Pine
Oak Copper Cherry
Oak Gunstock Cherry
Oak Merlot Sedona Red
Oak Saddle Special Walnut
Oak Stirrup Cherry
Walnut Ebony Brown Ebony

Bring beauty into your space.

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