tradition of legendary craftsmanship

Mullican Flooring was founded in 1985 along the banks of the Greenbrier River in Ronceverte, WV. Bill Mullican, a Lumberman by trade, produced beautifully crafted hardwood floors from prime local timber. His reputation for creating the highest quality floors quickly spread, establishing Mullican Flooring as the premier brand of hardwood flooring. That tradition of legendary craftsmanship continues today. 


Your flooring is the foundation of your home. Our artisans carefully craft hardwood floors so you can bring the beauty and warmth of nature into your space. For every step, dance, crawl, or stumble taken on your floors—Mullican is there, for life. Our precision milling, advanced kiln-drying techniques, and meticulous inspection of each finished plank result in a lifetime of value. 

stewardshipsustainability without compromise

The tree is a symbol of life, virtue, and renewal. It is our greatest resource, one we will always protect. From our founding, we have led the industry by working with national and local organizations to develop best management practices for our forests. Through collective effort, in the Appalachian Mountains where our lumber is harvested, more than two new trees are growing for every tree that is harvested.


Our history is founded in the Appalachian Mountains, where beautiful, slow-growing hardwoods flourish. These hardwoods produce beautiful, consistent grain patterns with enhanced color and durability. The exceptional quality of our hardwood flooring is testimony to a land of rich heritage and tradition, with a culture of freedom, grit, and a strong work ethic—a proud way of life.

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