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Solid Hardwood Floors

At Mullican Flooring, we are dedicated to creating the highest-quality hardwood flooring in the world.

Solid hardwood is a highly desirable product that’s considered to be the top flooring choice among designers, builders, and homeowners. It’s an affordable and versatile investment that enhances the natural beauty and long-term value of a property.

While hardwood flooring in any form is a beautiful addition to a property, solid wood is a more versatile material. The appeal of solid planks can often be found in their thickness. At 3/4-inch thick, solid flooring allows homeowners to strip, sand and restain the planks on a semi-regular basis, and because of its thickness it can be refinished a number of times with a life span totaling up to 100 years depending on the product’s finish warranty. With engineered hardwood flooring, the number of times it can be sanded and refinished is dictated by the thickness of the wear layer. Styles and tastes continually change, and the look of solid wood flooring can be changed to reflect current trends, going from a light color to warmer, darker tones and, if desired, back again.

Solid hardwood flooring also has a die-hard fan following. There’s a consistent group of homeowners who understand solid hardwood’s lifetime value, and they are always first in line. We also see builders and designers who are putting the polish on upscale projects and are looking for materials that deliver durability as well as aesthetics.

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