Oak Species

Harvested from the Appalachian Mountains, the natural characteristics of Mullican Flooring’s oak species and oak-only collections are captured in the color variations, mineral streaks, and small knots, adding character to any type of project you have in mind.

A high-quality and durable hardwood species, oak exudes a warm, rustic feeling with a discernable grain. Oak is also more durable and offers greater resistance to indentations, making it a better selection for high-traffic areas or floors anticipated to take a lot of abuse.

The oak is an interesting species. Within the trunk of the standing tree, there are vertically-aligned fibers that are loaded with moisture. Once the tree falls or is cut down, the fibers begin to dry out. As a result, they shrink in thickness or diameter, enabling its individual characteristics, such as color, grain and texture, to appear. While it can be said that no two trees are alike, the same concept applies to solid oak hardwood flooring.

Our prefinished and unfinished selections of high-quality solid oak hardwood are available in several grades and widths, including red and white oak.

Red Oak vs. White Oak Hardwood Flooring

The primary difference between red oak hardwood flooring and white oak hardwood flooring can be found within the color, graining and water resistance of the species.

Red oak has a subtle, pink-like tint that is lighter than white oak. White oak tends to be more of a brown, darker, yellow to gray tint. While they each begin as two different colors, red oak and white oak absorb stains differently. With lighter stains, the red oak tends to display more of a red undertone, while darker stains decrease the difference between the two colors.

With regard to graining, red oak tends be stronger than white oak hardwood. It can also be said that white oak has more mineral streaks and a smoother look.

Crafted from the highest-quality and selection of oak hardwoods, Mullican offers a variety of prefinished solid, prefinished engineered and unfinished oak hardwood selections for a beautifully designed space. From traditional, smooth finishes to contemporary, hand-crafted textures and wider widths, Mullican has a selection of oak flooring that’s just right for you.

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