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 Mullican Flooring is pleased to present Castillian, one of the most exquisite selections of solid hardwood flooring ever designed. Castillian is precision manufactured from the finest oak and maple and is available in rustic, wire brushed and smooth offerings.

Our patent-pending Castillian collection and Aqua Shield system deliver the flooring industry’s first lifetime “moisture warranty” on a solid hardwood product.

The key to a “moisture warranty” on your next hardwood floor are a Castillian product and the Aqua Shield system.

 This revolutionary system involves the application of Mullican Moisture Mat, our own moisture-retardant underlayment, followed by the installation of a Castillian product.  

 Each Castillian plank has been strategically engineered so the wood can expand at the bottom if exposed to moisture, with little to no effect on the floor's surface.